Monday, November 5, 2007

I had the time of my life

At last Saturday's showing of the new stage musical Dirty Dancing that is.

And I realize the above title and opening line are ridiculously cheesy, but I also think, just like the play itself and the movie on which it is based, they're still cute.

Super cute actually. And super fun.

It's Dirty Dancing people! Remember Dirty Dancing? The adorable, girl-next-door, pre-nose-job Jennifer Grey meets the slinky, brooding, pre-where-is-he now? Patrick Swayze?

God knows, I still feel like a young ingenue, but the reality is I was almost 18 when the movie premiered 20 years ago in the summer of 1987. And though I fancied myself a rock 'n roll chick back then, it was still Dirty Dancing that provided the soundtrack for one of the best summers of my life.

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q said...

I remember I was 13 when I saw Dirty Dancing. I was in love with it after first site.

That summer they had teh "Dirty Dancing" musical tour. I had enough money for a ticket, and a bunch of friends who were going to get tickets too. However my parents made me spend my money on girls camp instead so I did not get to have the time of my life :(

Whenever I hear any of the songs or see the movie I am reminded of being carefree and thats why I go back to it again and again!

Thanks for the comments in my blog.

Leslie said...

It's nice to write about something happy isn't it? To write about a good time you had or something you enjoyed... my kids read my blog and they think I am too serious... maybe you've inspired me to write about something fun for a change... could be a challenge! Glad you had a nice time and a walk down memory lane.

Thanks for your comment on my blog...

Anne Wolfe Postic said...

I saw it when it came out, I was about 14. I would absolutely LOVE to see a live version!