Saturday, November 24, 2007

Does this new blog design make me look fat?

Just kidding.

I'm pretty sure it makes me look fabulous. More fabulous than I deserve really. And it's all thanks to Sam at Temptation Designs (see button, bottom right sidebar).

Even though she's preggers and suffering severe morning sickness, she remained stalwart and gracious through a process that saw quite a bit of back and forth.

Ya, that diva moniker? It's funny 'cause it's true.

And now I have the site to match.

Thanks Sam.

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Anonymous said...

I think your blog is delightful and would like to add it to my blogroll, if you didn't mind. Let me know, there's a comment box on my blog or you can shoot me an email: secretagentmama @ gmail dot com

b*babbler said...

Your new design is simply fabulous! I love the new header!

Barrie said...

Hello Don Mills Diva! I am originally from Don Mills. How fun to find your blog. :)