Monday, November 19, 2007

NaBloPoMo - Day 19

Nineteen days in.

This National Blog Posting Month shiz is hard y'all.

It's been a real struggle to post something every day, but it has really forced me to push myself as a writer. I've come up with some stuff this month of which I'm proud. Really proud.

And...I've posted some stuff that isn't likely to get me on the short list for a Pulitzer anytime soon. (No need to link that!)

Give me some sugar readers, bloggers, fellow divas. Any ideas welcome. And, if you're on this crazy NaBloPoMo ride along with me, dish. How are things looking for you on this day 19?

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Anonymous said...

It's getting tough. VERY tough. Yea.

Gabriella said...

it is's 10:15pm and i still have to post for tonite.

Laura said...

Believe this or not, but I am actually enjoying the "having to post". It means that each evening I can kick my husband off the computer and surf a bit and write. But at the same time, I have posted a few very lame entries!

How about a post about how you and hubby met? Or a special Christmas memory? Or your first adventures in the real working world? How about meeting any cool celebs with your job? Or any funny daddy-parent jabs, I mean stories? Hmmmm... how about if you won 1 million bucks, what would you do? If you could meet anyone, who would you want to meet? What is one thing you vowed you would never do as a parent, but darn, do it on a regular basis? Tell us about a hobby, or how you learned to fly and how you got a love of planes.

Good luck!

I am enjoying your posts, keep motivated, and keep them coming!

Only 10 days left!