Monday, January 5, 2009

The healing power of slutty shoes

What a difference a year makes.

Remember last year when I wrote a New Year's Shooting for Hip column about how the exchange of slutty shoes is somewhat of a Christmas tradition between my mom and !?

Well, it was. Well, it still is I guess, which is to say I did receive a very lovely pair of boots from my mother this year. And, as per usual, I did pick them out myself.

So I guess I have no one but myself to blame for fearing that, when stacked against the slutty boots and shoes of years past, those boots are a symbol of all the things that made 2008 such a sucky year.

Check out my Shooting for Hip column over at Better Than A Playdate, get a gander at the new boots and decide for yourself if they're slutty enough to help me face 2009 with ferocity...

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Anonymous said...

Well... maybe they're not slutty, but they're still really nice. I like them. But then I don't really have a very stylin' sense of... um... style (for lack of a better word).

It's not about how slutty the boots are - it's about the attitude of the woman wearing them.


Ellyn said...

Love the new boots.
My mom gave me practical winter boots this year. I love them. Does that make me old?

I tried to leave this comment over on your other site. It wouldn't let me. Thought you should know.

Badness Jones said...

I bought myself a pair of comfy and practical Merrell winter boots this year (and to pay for them I had to cheap out and buy Bad's snowsuit on sale - priorities, right?). I hate to be cold, and I don't want to fall on the ice and break a limb, so I'll stick with practical for winter, but I think come spring I too will head to Winners, or maybe even Browns or B2and buy myself a nice slutty pair of shoes. Thanks for the inspiration DMD, (and I like your new boots!)

Blog said...

Off to see the boots! Sorry 2008 was so sucky for you.... 2009 is bound to be BETTER!

Marie said...

That's always the problem : having to choose between being sexy and being comfy. Every woman needs your new boots and think of that nice (and slutty) pair you'll buy in a few weeks for the whole summer !!
2008 wasn't good either for me, I will buy my next pair thinking of you !