Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Very chocolatey dairy, wheat and egg-free cupcakes

I really hate including the word “free” in recipe titles.

It just sounds so negative - like glass-half-empty thinking. What would be a more positive recipe title be? Full of Delicious Chocolatey Flavour Cupcakes? Or maybe Chocolate Bursts of Flavour Cupcakes?

At any rate, Saturday was my dear friend’s son's second birthday. For something different, the little guy blew out candles that sat in a giant cupcake cake, consisting of cupcakes set on a 5-tier cake stand! It was spectacular!

Well, for almost everyone.

Click on over to Don Mills Diva Recipes and Reviews - LeeAnne has a yummy recipe that everyone can enjoy!

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JCK said...

Sounds good. Even if some of the yummy stuff is missing...

LifeBehindTheCoach.com said...

oh...am now I want cake!
Lynette x

Jaina said...

Sounds yummy!