Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Leather Tragedy Turned Supple

*I had never heard of Moosh in Indy before I emerged from under a rock last July and attended the BlogHer conference. And then I fell in love. I fell in love with a tiny, brave, heart-breakingly articulate Mormon who stood onstage and read this post about a suicide attempt in front of 1,000 people. Once home I stalked her site obsessively and learned she does funny just as brilliantly as she does poignant. I am honoured she is writing here today folks: honoured.*


Long ago in a land far away Casey caught site of a purse. A big purse, a colorful purse, a pretty purse.

"My my!" Said Casey, "That purse! It's so perfect! It must be mine!"

Casey saved up her Christmas money and made the pretty leather patchwork purse hers.

It was the first "big girl" purse Casey had ever owned. She loved her purse, others loved her purse. Casey's 80 year old grandma tried to steal the purse, the 16 year old baby sitter tried to steal the purse. Casey's small town mother in law tried to steal the purse, Casey's very hip neighbor tried to steal the purse.

"My my!" Casey said "What fine taste I have in purses!"

Casey would see other purses, but none ever compared to her purse, she loved it. She swore that as long as she lived she and the purse would never part ways.

That was until a hot muggy night in August. Without any warning the strap on Casey's beloved purse snapped. SNAPPED! Causing the purse to fall to the floor with a spine chilling thud.

Two ladies down the aisle gasped along with Casey "GASP! Was that a Coach?"

(as if the brand of the purse makes its loss any greater.)

"No! But I loved it so! It was my first. real. purse." (and we all know we never forget our first, right?)

Casey was devastated, her shoulder felt so empty. She carried around the battered and wounded purse like an injured cat and promised that she would fix the purse, and make all right with the universe.

Act II

Casey entered the store where she had first set eyes on the purse. She had heard they had a good reputation and was only hoping to be reimbursed for the repair to her wounded buttery leather strap. Casey found the keeper of the purses and showed her the destrapped purse.

"OH NOES!" cried the purse lady "We must make this right! Come! Let us find you a NEW! purse."

Just like that a new purse was shoved into Casey's lonely arms and the old, well loved purse was sent off to an uncertain fate.

Casey would be lying if she didn't admit to getting a little misty eyed over the thought of what her old purse was about to go through.

Alas, there was no duplicate of Casey's original purse, so she was given the red headed stepchild of her old purse.

It was so different.

But Casey was determined to treat this new purse as her own.

The compliments started coming with Casey's new purse. She was slowly learning to like this purse, and was genuinely hoping that this like would turn to love. But as with many first dates, on the purse's first day out it showed its fatal flaw, a seam that had never been sewn together properly.

"Blast!" said Casey "Can't I ever win?" she cried in despair.

It was back to the purse store, to trade in yet another damaged purse. Instead of cheapening her loss with a new purse of the same style that may have lurking fatal flaws, Casey took her money back and turned her eyes towards a new horizon: eBay.


This was not Casey's first time with eBay. eBay had been a go to for years before, ever since she bought her first maternity shirt on eBay almost four years ago. She searched for a new purse, one which could fulfill all her dreams and fill the void the original purse had left. SUDDENLY! There it was!

Casey and the new purse bonded instantly.

"I have found it!" she proclaimed.

Bidding occurred.Winning resulted.Six days later Casey's empty shoulder and homeless wallet had a new home in a flawless bag.

While Casey believed she could never love again after the original bag, this new bag proved that love the second time around was possible.

Not only possible but sweeter, all thanks to PayPal and eBay seller CutiePuppy1985.


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~*Jobthingy*~ said...

that poor purse number 1. it had a great life with Casey and i am sure it smiles down to her daily from purse heaven

Manager Mom said...

Dang... they are all really, really cute. I am having purse lust.

tommie said...

that is a happenin' purse! Makes me want to pet it.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

There's nothing like a rockin' purse.

JCK said...

Purse is hot!

motherbumper said...

I bought my first official big girl purse on eBay and I keep it in a box because I'm afraid to use it. I'm also afraid everyone will try to steal my precious, so I get this, oh I get this.

Ellyn said...

That is a great purse. I see her sense of lose. Great storytelling.

Eternal Sunshine said...

I am having purse envy, too!

Darn, now I have to go search ebay, too!!

Great post.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Very fun story. I like the third purse best of all anyway. Go eBay!

Thanks for stopping by, BTW.

Rachel said...

Those are all mighty fine purses!

Love reading one of my favorites on another one of my favorite's site. :-)

It's just joy.

Beth Cotell said...

I don't normally care about purses but I must own that last purse.

...heading off to eBay to see if CutiePie1985 has more....

Beth Cotell said...

I just got back from eBay and I can't spend that much money on a bag!

My husband would kill me...although our anniversary and my birthday are next week...

Shauna said...

Too funny. I've been searching for the perfect purse my whole life. :)

Anonymous said...

Must check out this EBay thing. Yes, I suppose I am the last person on earth who has never used it. Tis sad but alas, tis true.

But hey, if I can get a purse that I fall in love with, well, it will be worth it.

BTW, Hi Casey! I'm Barking Mad! No, wait, I'm AUDS *from* Barking Mad!

DMD asked me to guest post shows up tonight I think, and when she told me that you were among the other awesomely amazing GP's, I was like; "As in THAT Casey?" And here you are, and there I will be. Imagine that, just a little ole blogger like me, with big girl bloggers like you and Maria, and McMommy and Motherbumper.

I reckon ya'll are gonna be a hard act to follow. I'll try not to embarrass you guys.

Amanda said...

I am so glad I wondered over here today. I was beginning to think I had lost my mind for naming my two good (purse) friends, Lucy and Iris. ;o)

Rhea said...

Bravo, bravo!! I'm clapping...where's the encore?!

Great production! I loved the cast of characters. Lovely costumes.

Casey rocks! Love the purse. All of them, actually.

Anonymous said...

I love all of those purses.

Anonymous said...

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