Thursday, December 6, 2007

Is doctor-kicking an Olympic sport yet?

You know the movie currently in theatres – Awake – about a man who is conscious during his surgery and hears that his doctors have a diabolical plot to murder him?

I’m thinking Graham snuck out to see that movie when I wasn’t paying attention.

How else to explain a doctor’s visit today that made this one seem like a veritable love-in? The boy obviously has a deep-seated mistrust (okay hatred) of doctors and I am starting to worry it may affect him being awarded that full scholarship to Harvard Medical School on which I’m counting.

But I digress.

Today was the day Graham saw an orthopedic specialist on account of his tendency to turn his toes inwards when he walks. Pigeon-toed he is and not just a little bit – a fact that endears him to me all the more (if that’s possible) but also makes me fret about his future as a potential target of playground bullies.

Well, after much (so, so much) screaming and crying and kicking the doctor in the head I was advised that his hips have a tendency to turn inwards (and therefore his legs and toes) and there is nothing we can do about it.

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Okay, well, we can try and get him out of the habit of resting on his knees with his legs splayed out behind him (which I’m sad about because that pose is so very, very cute). And we can get him into skating and/ or skiing at an early age to help train him to keep his legs straight.

Also we can nag him about keeping his legs straight when he gets old enough for that kind of thing to be effective (exactly how old is that again?).

But there are no special shoes or exercises that will make a bit of difference apparently, so we are stuck hoping he’ll grow out of it and nagging him if he doesn’t.

And putting him in ski school. This, at least, is good news. Rob and I are avid skiers and we were wondering if this winter was too early to put Graham on skis.

Guess not.

Looks like Graham is going to get an early start on the slopes. And that’s a good thing – maybe an Olympic gold medal in skiing will cancel out a history of doctor-bashing on his Harvard med school application.

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Laura said...

So happy to hear no ortho-worries. especially like the fact that he is encouraged to ski!

Try not to worry about Graham being picked on - I doubt others will notice his feet slightly pointing in...and if they do, he will be such a wonderful, well-adjusted man, he will deal with it fine!

We will be cheering him on in the 2026 games (or so!)

painted maypole said...

doctors poke you with needles. kicking them in the head just seems like fair play.

Family Adventure said...

It seems to be the theme of the week -- how to have a meltdown at the doctor's or the dentist's office.

It gets better with age -- both the doctor visits *and* the pigeon toed-ness. My son had the same thing, and we were given the same message. Today, at age 10, you can hardly tell *and* he's an excellent skier :)


Badness Jones said...

I've wanted to kick my doctor before, at least Graham's still little enough to get away with it. Glad he's alright, and have fun on the slopes!

Barrie said...

A gold medal in skiing would be wonderful. And I'll get to say....I knew back when on his mother's blog...

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Glad to hear nothing else going on with his legs. I have the same issue and the only real affect it has had on my life is to give me a super sexy, butt wiggling walk;)
Wish someone had told my family about the skiing thing though. Guess it is never to late to seriously hit the slopes!

newduck said...

I agree with some of your other readers that doctors often need to be kicked in the head. If only I could still get away with that. I'm a big believer that getting kids into sports early in life (um, non-competitive, non-contact sports) makes them more attractive and smarter in the long run, not to mention more health-conscious.

girlymom said...

As frustrating as it is that there is "nothing" you can do, it is also great news of nothing more serious. I agree, starting at an early age, you just might have the next big X games guy there!

Thanks for visiting my blog today, nice to meet you! Graham is a cutie!

Kellan said...

So sorry is pigeon toed - but the thought of it makes me smile at how adorable he must look. I'm glad to hear that skiing could help - as I too love to ski (love it) and so do all of my kids - love the idea of your little one learning to ski!!

You are a fine writer - I truly enjoy reading your posts - and it's been nice getting to know you. Have a good weekend and take care. Kellan

Andrea said...

Well, pigeon toed and all, he is adorable, and skiing!! yay.. I

Audrey said...

Skiing, that's fun. Unfortunately, no snow at where I am - Hong Kong.
Hope you'll have a great time!

OHmommy said...

Just found your blog. I. Love. It.

Don't worry about him, my middle child had the same issue. And ummm... at nearly four... she ... is still ... getting better?

She is a clutz.

Dayna said...

Personally, I've often wanted to kick doctors, especially, some of my kids docs. I'd be greatful if they were not so medically compliant and for once kicked a doc!!

Karen MEG said...

Oh, that's great to get him on skiis!!!We put our boy in lessons last year and he loved it, we should have done it earlier. I am NOT a skiier, but so wish I had learned; I'll do baby hills. Hubby is the ski guy. We're hoping to put the girlie in lessons soon too.
I'm sure things will straighten out as he gets older. Just one more thing to add to the list of mommy worries. It never ends!

petite gourmand said...

yay skiing!
I'm sure he'll love it.
what's not to love?

a kelly said...

After having a stroke and heart attack, my feisty mom (now passed) used to tell the doc to "come over I can kick your a$$"
She trucked on over to the nurses station with a walker...and called 911 to "take her to a better hospital".
I think she'd get the gold medal!