Monday, June 15, 2009

It's all good

So busy have I been first defending myself and then pointedly ignoring the firestorm that this post helped ignite throughout the Interwebs, I have been lax in sharing some pretty special and decidedly less controversial happenings in my world.

Remember last year when I reflected on my nephew's coolness and, ahem, where he possibly could have gotten it?

Well, he did it again.

He and his band mates organized the second annual Toucapolooza June 6th, a concert event which this year raised $1,500 for Foster Parents Plan Canada. It was also announced at the show that his high school is designating an annual scholarship named after the event and awarded to a student who shows the same kind of community spirit my nephew has demonstrated.

Can you feel the pride?

He's almost 19 years old, off to college in the fall and ready to tackle all that life has to offer. I'm so excited for him I can barely stand it and I can't help but harken back to my salad days when I first fled the coop and started plotting world domination.

Back then this was hanging on my wall.

I was so proud of it.

After buying the poster at a retro video store, I hauled the frame out of a trash pile, painted it pink and proudly hung it on the wall of my first apartment, convinced I was never more avant garde and stylish.

Ack...not so much.

At any rate, we are starting to clear things out for our move and it was with just a tiny twinge of melancholy and regret, that last week I placed the above on our front lawn, free for the taking.

And it was with just a tiny twinge of pride that I noted that someone snapped it up in less than an hour.

But I didn't really have a lot of time to reflect on the past this past weekend, as Rob was away helping his brother open the cottage and I designated all day Saturday and Sunday as special mommy and Graham time, which basically meant we were on the go, doing all my boy's favorite things from morning to night both days.

There was a play-date with his new favorite girlfriend, a haircut (yes, he likes haircuts now, despite this), a trip to his favorite restaurant (which mommy has learned to love), a visit to a water park and to a farm.

There were several games of hide and seek, a trip to the playground beside the new house, a bath in mommy and daddy's jacuzzi tub, a kids meal on a hopping patio and at least two ice cream cones.

It was, in short, a perfect weekend for both of us and the perfect reminder for me that no matter who beats me up on line, my mothering and my life is all goooooood.

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

There's nothing like a non-controversial good time.

Michelle said...

I went back and read that awful kerfuffle. Trolls are nasty NASTY beasts.
I think you handled yourself with admirable restraint. Really, if other people can't engage in civilized dialogue and debate then perhaps they should take their hands off the keyboard and go sit in the sun for a while and chill the eff out.
I also have to say that Graham is one of the sweetest, kindest, gentlest and most adorable children I have ever met and THAT is a testament to your parenting skills. (H commented on it too.)
Can't wait to see you both again soon... and I LOVE the haircut! So sweet!

Chantal said...

Your nephew sounds like a wonderful young man.

I think I need a weekend (or maybe just day :) ) like that with my boys. These days just seem so full of stuff.

Sass said...

I missed out on the latest controversy, but am reassured that you aren't letting it get between you and some quality ice cream.

As I type, the UK weather has gone from mild and pleasant to a massive exciting thunderstorm. Excuse me while I go batten down some hatches.

Unknown said...

So cool what your nephew did!

And I'm so happy you got to spend some quality time with your little dude. That's THE best! : )

P.S. I used to LOVE that movie and I'm betting the new owners love their poster!

Heather said...

I had an almost all Marilyn bedroom as a preteen. It was probably a little unnatural, the obsession. Preteen me would have snapped that up in a second.

Flea said...

You got beat up for that post? Really? How odd. People are so strange and beastly.

Love the ice cream shot. :)

flutter said...

Again, with your husband's great hair. sheesh.

karengreeners said...

Please keep in mind that for each detractor, you have twice as many supporters. (at least)

Jaina said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! I'm sorry people are being mean to you. Good for you for taking a stand. I completely support you. I would guess that your loudest opposition are also the ones who feel most guilty about it. But that's of course said without knowing any of them or reading any of the opposition. Just a guess based on humanity and past experience. ;) Keep writing Diva. :)