Friday, December 19, 2008

Bringing a taste of Walt Disney World home

(posted by LeeAnne)

Navigating Walt Disney World is complicated.

Do you hit Toy Story first or Rocking Roller Coaster? Test Track or Soaring? Expedition Everest or the Safari? We recently returned from a family reunion of sorts where 25 people (!) ranging in ages from eight months to 69 years old rendezvoused at Walt Disney World.

Talk about complicated! Thankfully, the one place almost everyone was happy was dinner.

Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge was one of our favourites. Boma is a buffet, but you won’t find any steam tables with languishing, dried-out food here. Everything is cooked fresh in small batches so it’s as if you ordered everything on the menu- the hard part is choosing where to dig in.

With it diverse food offerings and great setting, surrounded by a savanna with roaming giraffes, Boma should not be missed. It is African-themed, but the culinary delights are internationally influenced. Go if you like high quality food in a great atmosphere.

I loved the watermelon rind salad and the Mulligatawny soup. The soup was so wonderful that I asked the chef for the recipe.

And guess what? He gave it to me! If you can’t jet off to Disney, have a little taste of Boma at home.

(Can you believe that LeeAnne? She went all the way to Walk Disney World just so she could bring home a recipe for you! Check it out over at Don Mills Diva Recipes and Reviews. )

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Anonymous said...

I love Disney. Anywhere else they would charge you for that selling it in a hardcover $30 book. Disney aims to please. They know that your experience is what brings you back.

We went in April with my three year old who loves Mickey. We got pictures taken with Mickey, and I figured they wouldn't allow us to take our own shots with our camera...and be forced to spend oodles on professional ones. But we could take our own, and we weren't forced to buy the pictures right then and there. We could mull it over, go online when we got home and decide. How civilized! And, we bought three.

Backpacking Dad said...

Boma kicks ass.

That from someone who has eaten at some pretty great restaurants in the Disney family.

It kicks ass.

JCK said...

Looking very tasty.

Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

How great that is that the chef just gave you the recipe!!
Lucky gal! said...

Mulligatawny... just like the Soup Nazi!!

I love Disney. You can't go wrong there. But coordinating 25 people sounds like a headache!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Boma was our favorite-- we couldn't get enough!! Weren't the deserts divine?? (my oldest son ate so many he made himself sick). And the dish I HAD to have the recipe for was Durban flank steak. YUM.