Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Graham: 1, Mommy: 0, Mommy's delusions: dead

So I know that the way Graham looks, or more specifically, the clothes Graham wears do not necessarily reflect on me.

But damnit if I didn’t feel just a little bit smugly-pleased-with-myself when I laid out the credit card a few weeks ago for a $50 pair of Tommy Hilfiger overalls, size 2T. Sure, I got them for half price at Winners, but that’s not the point – my kid was going to be strutting around in designer clothes!

I’ve spent the late few weeks waiting for the weather to cool so I could dress him up and bask in the glow his hip duds were sure to reflect.

A few days ago when the thermometer dropped ever so slightly I hauled them out and put them on.

It didn’t go so well.

Graham whimpered. He pulled at the overalls. The whimpering accelerated into a full blown whine. He collapsed on the floor and rolled around, clawing at them as if possessed.

I tried to calm him. Look at your nice new clothes, I told him. Don’t you look nice?

The tantrum became full blown. My voice became more firm. Suck it up kid. Those are cool overalls ok? Sometimes you have to suffer for beauty a little bit, bucko.

Then I noticed something. The overalls weren’t sitting right. The buttons in the crotch area had popped and they seemed to be riding up in a most unsightly manner.

It did not look comfortable. At all.


So after being worn only once for less than an hour, the fancy designer overalls of which I was so proud are packed away.

Hopefully Graham will one day have a sibling who won’t mind suffering a little discomfort if it means mommy can coo over their cuteness; a sibling with a more innate sense of style.

Or at the very least a shorter torso.

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Anonymous said...

I think overalls are really cute. My older son never really liked them, and I actually abandoned the whole concept now that he is potty trained. Seriously, how would he get them off?

S said...

Oh, man, there's nothing worse than getting a crotch wedgie from clothes that are too short in the torso.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE both my kids in overalls. I have 2 pairs I loved for Maddy (jeans and cords type) and I am so excited that Christopher can wear them now. But...the torso length is a tricky one! Next time buy them a size too big and just hem the legs. I have to do that with my tall kids too.

He sure doesn't look too happy about these....but I bet they were cute for that hour.

ewe are here said...

Well, console yourself with the knowledge that if they had fit, he probably would have just spilled something horrible all over them or gone mud puddle dancing. ;-)

Why pretty much all my kids' clothes are second/third hand or off the 'must go yesterday' clearance racks. heh heh

Anonymous said...

Who ever said being fashionable is comfortable? ;-)

The picture is priceless.