Friday, October 26, 2007

Seven random facts about me

They like me. They really like me.

Don Mills Diva was just last week initiated into a game of blogosphere tag when Laura over at Walking Lunatic Fringe said “You’re it” and challenged me to participate in my first meme by revealing seven random facts about myself.

Here goes:

1. I am essentially blind in my left eye. With my right eye closed I can see colours and vague shapes but that’s about it. When my right eye is open my brain disregards anything my left eye sees, because it is so weak. I have to be tested regularly by an ophthalmologist to maintain my pilot’s license but apparently my vision is actually very good because my right eye has compensated all my life and developed extraordinary super-powers.

2. I was proposed to while watching the sun rise over Machu Picchu in Peru. Rob and I camped and hiked the Inca Trail for four days through the Andes Mountains to reach the ancient city and shortly after arrival he sprung the ring he had been carrying in a secret compartment in his underwear (for real!)

3. I became the youngest-ever weekly columnist for the Haliburton County Echo about a week before my 13th birthday. They were advertising for someone to cover the community of Norland where I lived and I sent in some sample columns without telling them my age. I was hired and continued to write The Norland Natter until I left my hometown for university when I was 18.

4. I am a creature of routine. Big time. Every day must start with tea with milk and sugar. An hour later I have one coffee with four pieces of whole wheat melba toast with cream cheese. One hour and a half later I have one piece of fruit. And so it goes throughout the day. Do not, I repeat, do not mess with my routine.

5. I fully expect to live to at least 100 and that I will travel the world in my 80s and 90s. It is inconceivable to me that I won’t actually. My great-grandmother lived to 98. My grandma died at 93. She toured Europe, Asia, Australia and northern Africa in her 80s. I took her to Las Vegas for her 90th birthday where she stayed up 23 hours straight gambling. She rocked and I’m gonna too.

6. I have a mad crush on Jack White of the White Stripes. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my husband but if Jack were to come for me I’d have some very hard decisions to make. He’s massively talented, sexy and just really, really cool. I actually got a cup of beer thrown at me when I tried to sneak closer to the stage at one of his concerts a few years ago. I was seven and a half months pregnant. Boy did that guy feel like an ass when I turned around.

7. I was the organizer of the first-ever Terry Fox run in the State of Arizona. It was 1995 and I was living in Phoenix with an ex-boyfriend who was playing trumpet in a ska band. I was working as a nanny and freelancing for the Arizona Republic interviewing visiting Canadian bands and covering the snow bird beat. I advertised for volunteers to help and a lovely woman named Wanda showed up. Turns out she was married to Todd MacFarlane who’s massively famous for this. He came to the run and caused a sensation. Anyway, we ended up raising several hundred dollars for the Arizona Cancer Centre in Tucson.

So there you have it – seven random facts about me.

Hey Erica over at Ericacake – you’re it!

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Dayna said...

Love your seven facts! Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! I'm loving reading yours as well. Can you tell me, what is Don Mills? In the states, its a photography studio, but I see it in your location on your profile.

ms blue said...

Hmmm... Jack White is cool, talented and mysterious. That is always a winning combination!