Monday, November 24, 2008

Riding out the recession in style

As much as I might proclaim myself a diva, I've never actually been the kinda girl to spend a lot of money on the accoutrements of beauty.

If something doesn't make a statement, it just seems pointless and by that logic, fancy and expensive makeup, creams and lotions have always struck me as the ultimate waste of money - especially since I can buy the cheap stuff at the drugstore and splurge on something like this.

Anyhoo, with the markets headed south and the chill of recession upon us it seems like my frugal way of thinking is actually in style. Lucky for you, when it comes to advice I've always been the generous type.

Click on over to my Shooting for Hip column at Better Than A Playdate for my best tips on how to look posh and pinch pennies at the same time...

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Kat said...

I am the same thing. I am very frugile. Though some may call it cheap.
Maybe I inherited it from my German grandmother. ;)

Jaina said...

Yeah, I don't get the point of spending money on the name brands when the generic/off brand stuff works just as well, sometimes better.

Helen Wright said...

Good one! I've even heard that Oprah's 'My Favourite Things' is going to be frugal!
Did I just say that you are right up there with Oprah?!?!